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It’s a little over two years ago that Florent Manaudou wrote swimming history. At the Olympic Games in London 2012, at the age of 21, Manadou became Olympic Champion in men’s 50m freestyle, being the first Frenchman ever to claim the title. Manaudou, 1,99m tall, muscly and fit, beat athletes such as Cullen Jones (USA) and Cesar Cielo (Brazil) in the given event. This victory was overwhelmingly joyous for the French nation, and by achieving this victory, Manaudou was finally able to swim out of the shadow of his sister. Laure Manaudou isn’t only a swim star in France, she’s also a media idol, who’s frequently seen modelling. She is an Olympic Champion like her brother, and has won many titles at European and World Championships in women’s 400m freestyle. She has also won many medals in other distances. Her four year younger brother seems to have inherited the same fast genes as his sister, but was not internationally acclaimed before his Olympic entrance in 2012. At the European Championships in Berlin, Manaudou’s mind was set on making a name for himself. He’s been European Champion three times now already, and 50m freestyle, which is happening tomorrow afternoon, is his main event. On the first day of the competition Manaudou secured his first gold medal in the 4x100m freestyle relay with the fastest split time of all the athletes partaking. Along with Yauhen Tsurkin (BLR), Manaudou was awarded his second gold in the 50m butterfly event with a time of 23,00 seconds. No more than three days later, the third gold waited for him in the 100m freestyle final. With a time of 47,98 seconds, Manaudou was the only one to stay under the 48,00 second mark. “This is a very good time for me, the first below 48 seconds”, said Manaudou after his race. Today, Manaudou is going for his fourth title, and his sister, who was one of the first to congratulate her brother after his epic Olympic victory, is surely proud of her younger sibling.

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