The mascot

Drops is the mascot for the 32nd LEN European Swimming Championships 2014 in Berlin. Derived from the official logo, Drops shines in the event colours ‘dynamic pink’ and ‘racing blue’, and is a radiant representation of this water sport event with his blue tear-drop shaped body and pink arms. Both the name and shape have their origins from the water – central element from the impending competitions.

In August 2014 the German capital will be dedicated to this unique element as athletes from different countries go into the water to obtain top performances in the fight for titles and records. But successes should be hard-won as the dynamics of the water sports always mirrors, sometimes more, sometimes less the central component of water resistance: water drops. What could be better than a mascot representing not only the water and its dynamics, but itself also consisting of water? And so Drops was brought to life.

Drops is therefore a true testament to the life-giving function of water. He will also bring to life the 32nd LEN European Swimming Championships in Berlin, because Drops is more than just a small drop of water; he is the face and the heart of this extraordinary event. So not only is he found in the logo of the European Championships, but also accompanying the media who cover the event. In addition, it is common knowledge that many water drops make up water and duplicates of Drops form the background of the website.