The LEN European Swimming Championships already look back on a long tradition. Following the first event in 1926 in Budapest, 2014 can celebrate the 32nd edition taking place in Berlin. Among other things, the event in 2002 was a highlight from a German perspective.

Looking back: 26th European Championships 2002 in Berlin

Just as the ‘Schwimm- und Sprunghalle im Europa-Sportpark (SSE)’ provided a popular and lively swimming and diving centre, Lake Templin served as a perfect backdrop for the 26th European Championships in swimming, diving, synchronized swimming and open water swimming from 25 July to 4 August 2002 in Berlin. A total of 57 European titles were awarded to nearly 800 athletes from around 40 nations.

Already at that time TV was on board. Approximately 100 hours of exciting competitions was brought to our screens – a record in the area of transmission times.

A subject that still triggers emotions today: tears from Franziska van Almsick after her world record in the 200 m freestyle; making it the most emotional victory for the year 2002. Van Almsick’s world record was one of five in the 26th continental Championships. There were also five other European records. Back then, the ‘Schwimm- und Sprunghalle im Europa-Sportpark’ had upheld the title of an establishment for records.

Van Almsick had received five titles (2x single, 3x relay) and a significant share of German victory in the medal table during the swimming competitions, with ten gold, seven silver and five bronze medals. Also the divers continued the winning streak of German athletes with four gold, three silver and two bronze medals. By the end of the European Championships, the German team had triumphed in the overall medal table (14/12/9).

Twelve years on, the athletes’ successes will be celebrated in a similar emotional atmosphere but now with a new European Championship mascot – ‘Drops’!

All EC venues since 1926

1. 1926 Budapest, HUN

2. 1927 Bologna, ITA

3. 1931 Paris, FRA

4. 1934 Magdeburg, GER

5. 1938 London, GBR

6. 1947 Monte Carlo, MON

7. 1950 Wien, AUT

8. 1954 Turin, ITA

9. 1958 Budapest, HUN

10. 1962 Leipzig, GDR

11. 1966 Utrecht, NED
12. 1970 Barcelona, ESP

13. 1974 Wien, AUT

14. 1977 Jönköping, SWE

15. 1981 Split, YUG

16. 1983 Rom, ITA

17. 1985 Sofia, BUL

18. 1987 Straßburg, FRA

19. 1989 Bonn, FRG

20. 1991 Athen, GRE

21. 1993 Sheffield, GBR

22. 1995 Wien, AUT
23. 1997 Sevilla, ESP

24. 1999 Istanbul, TUR

25. 2000 Helsinki, FIN

26. 2002 Berlin, GER

27. 2004 Madrid, ESP

28. 2006 Budapest, HUN

29. 2008 Eindhoven, NED

30. 2010 Budapest, HUN

31. 2012 Debrecen, HUN

Independent European Championships Synchronized Swimming
1974 Amsterdam, NED
2012 Eindhoven, NED

Independent European Diving Championships
2009 Turin, ITA
2011 Turin, ITA
2012 Eindhoven, NED
2013 Rostock, GER

Independent European Open Water Swimming Championships
1989 Starigrad, YUG
1991 Terracina, ITA
1993 Slapy Dam, CZE
2008 Dubrovnik, CRO
2011 Eilat, ISR
2012 Piombino, ITA

Independent European Water Polo Championships
1999 Florenz, ITA
2001 Budapest, HUN
2003 Kranj, SLO
2006 Belgrad, SRB
2008 Malaga, ESP
2010 Zagreb, CRO
2012 Eindhoven, NED